Air conditioning, Walk-In Closets, Microwaves in our Fully Equipped Kitchens, Garages Included, Open Concept Floor plans, Washer Dryer in Unit
I'm a 24 yr old professional working a stable office job. I'm a queer man, but don't have people over in that regard. I don't drink, smoke, or drug at all. Free time: I'm a figure skater, and the Director of Marketing for the Spokane anime convention (Japanese comics). I can be a bit of a ghost of a room mate - I'm not around much and can end up holed up busy with freelance work when I am here....
I'm 58yrs old looking for someone that works full time. I have a brand new beautiful home in a pleasant neighborhood. I am very clean and a lot of fun. I like to cook some. I am looking for the same type of person.
Just your everyday normal guy here. Retired. Looking for a younger guy with a good back to move into the spare room. My doctors don't like the I deal of me living alone. LOL. I need someone that is honest, dependable. This would be a terrific deal for a college kid or someone just starting out on their own. I'm very easy to get along with and bighearted . Just chat with me and get to know me,
I am twenty years old and a college student attending North Idaho College. I am also going to be getting a part time job. I will probably be getting a small dog in a little over a month, but am only allowed to have 1 dog at the apartment, so my potential roommate cannot be 1 who has a pet. It is a basement apartment. I am outgoing and fun to be around. I like to have sober fun. I will not accep...
Hi, My name is Bryce Cronquist and I have 1 empty room I'm looking to make use of. Its a small house but there's lots of room for 1 more person. I'm looking for someone who is polite and is willing to respect my home as if it was their's. Some lawn matenence will be required, beyond that however nothing but basic home cleaning. I look forward to your Inquiry.
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