Xl black bindings
Have you been looking for black diamond leopoldi stingray fish for your aquarium tank? we have several pieces available at some very affordable prices. They are great looking fish and eat very well. They are free of any parasites, injuries, bacteria and any infection. We have sizes from 15cm, 20cm 30cm and 40cm currently available.For further inquiries do include your full contact details when ...
I do dealing in tropical aquarium fish. i have some master pieces super red arowana, chili red arowana, 24k golden arowana, RTG red tail g0olden arowana available as usual at very good prices. We have sizes that range from 20cm, 28cm, and 40cm. They are healthy looking fish and have their certificates and tags. They have got no injuries. They also prove to be eat very well. They are very beauti...
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